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Club Awards 2009

1. G.H. (Harry) Daniels Trophy

Awarded for an outstanding cross country flight by speed or distance. This year goes to Rob Corbyn for 509k in a Discus on 14th June (the “day of days”) including his Diamond distance.

2. Larry Bleaken Trophy

For gain of height – to Chris Gough for a wave climb of over 9,000’ above the Severn valley near Worcester.
Special mention to David Roberts for 19,947 ft. at Lake Våga, Norway in April of last year.

3. Oldham Trophy – (originally presented by Chris Clarke)

For highest placing in a BGA rated comp. – Andy Cockerell - 4th in Junior Nationals at Dunstable.

4. Ron Hurcombe Trophy

For best flight by an over 65 – Ken Lloyd + Alex Mazz. for 590k the same day as Rob did his 500k. Alex M to collect the trophy.

5. Les Akehurst Trophy

For best junior achievement – Presented to Lara Small on recommendation of the CFI for 100% in the Bronze paper.

6. Tim & Geralyn MacFadyen Trophy

For best two-seater flight - Ken Lloyd + Alex Mazz. Also for the same 500k.
Alex M to collect the trophy.

7. Club Ladder Trophy

For winning the Club Ladder – Doug Gardner.

8. Ruth & Tony Housden Cup

For fastest 100k Club Triangle flight – Brian Birlison for exceeding 114kph around the club triangle.

9. John Holland Cup

For best flight by a Pre-Silver Pilot – not awarded.

10. M. Weston Trophy

For an outstanding contribution to Cotswold Gliding Club – Roger Bagley.
Roger has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, representing the Club at Planning Inquiries, and always protecting the club's best interest. Negotiating with our neighbours, the local council and rating authorities; his outstanding skills ensures we are always in safe hands and well looked after.
Last year his work brought us rate relief and a cheque for £2,800 rebate from the council.
Some recent and significant achievements include protecting our airfield approach pattern at the recent Leda properties planning appeal and representing both ourselves and Nympsfield at the planning processes connected with Ecotricity’s request to erect a 90m meteorological data gathering mast at Nympsfield.
The club is greatly indebted to Roger for the enormous amount of work he puts in on research and preparation and we award this cup in recognition of his work.

First solo

Sarah Cook's turn this time. "Lovely landing" said the CFI.

Pictures from Portmoak

Some pictures from Portmoak to go along with the blog entries.

Image Image Image Image

UWE freshers' fair

Our UWE members took the DG500 and simulator to the recent UWE freshers fair. They managed to get over 170 names numbers and email addresses (last year half of these people joined as members). The simulator was a HUGE success and the DG500 a good eye catcher. They also came second in the Best Stand award.
Image Image

Aerobatics weekend pictures

The aerobatics camp was a success. The actual glider aerobatics was too high to get good pictures but the Swift Aerobatic Display Team used Aston Down as their base for a display at Kemble's Battle of Britain day. Here are some pictures of the Twister at Aston Down taken by Matthew Cook.

Twister and Fox Twister Twister Twister

Later on in the day we had some hot air balloons drop in:

Hot air balloon Hot air balloon Hot air balloon

And a couple by Mike Weston. This balloon got very close to the anemometer. Apparently it was a demonstration of how accurate you can be rather than a near miss.

Image Image

Competition visitors

Here are some of the visitors we had during the competition:
Emma McClarkin MEP (plus Chris Gough) in the new simulator.
Emma McClarkin MEP (plus Chris Gough) in the new simulator.

Sallie Barker, CCPR (Central Council of Physical Recreation)
Sallie Barker, CCPR (Central Council of Physical Recreation).

Laurence Shahlaei, England’s Strongest Man
Laurence Shahlaei, England’s Strongest Man.

Sarah goes solo

Sarah goes solo

Blériot centenary

Club member David Roberts, as Chairman of the Royal Aero Club of the UK, attended the centenary celebration of one of the major historic milestones in aviation history – the first aeroplane crossing of the Channel by Louis Blériot – at Dover on 25 July.

Dover Council put on a great event, including regenerating the 1909 landing site by Dover Castle, originally open fields but now surrounded by woods. Early Saturday morning a French pilot, M. Edmond Salis, flew a Blériot XI aeroplane across from France to land at the temporary aerodrome at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School. The following morning Mikael Carlson of Sweden flew his refurbished original Blériot XI on the same route.

David took with him the original propeller, belonging to the Royal Aero Club, from the 1909 aeroplane, and this was one of the centres of interest through the weekend.

A gala dinner in a marquee in the grounds of the magnificent Dover Castle was held on the Saturday, at which David was one of two after dinner speakers. The Aero Club of Pennsylvania presented the Royal Aero Club with a sculpture by Eric Lindbergh, grandson of Charles Lindbergh. The pre-dinner reception was interrupted rather loudly by the Red Arrows fly past, followed by the Patrouille de France in hot pursuit. Something about the French escorting the RAF out of the Calais airspace following the display there.

A splendid weekend tribute to one of the great pioneers of aviation and a credit to the people of Dover. If you are interested in learning more about Louis Blériot, just Google his name.
Mikael Carlson, pilot of his original Bleriot XI, with David Roberts at Dover.
Plaque on the original Bleriot XI propeller, owned by the Royal Aero Club

Cotswold Cycle Racing League

The Cotswold Cycle Racing League held their final event and prize giving at Aston Down on Tuesday 14th June. Here they are finishing.
Cotswold Cycle Racing League finish

15m Nationals

Here is a newsletter to members for the 15m Nationals to be held at Aston Down from 22nd to 30th August. The competition website is the place to go for news, results and pictures from the event.
Comp newsletter 100709.pdf

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