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Our youngest ever solo pilot

Jonathan Power has flown solo two days after his 14th Birthday. Unfortunately it was too windy on the actual day. We also have a video.

First solo

Max Schwierzina, a UWE member, went solo today.
Max Schwierzina

George Lee

10th March 2013
Sunday Morning (time TBC)
George Lee, the first person to win three successive World Gliding Championship titles, will be at Aston Down to promote his new autobiography. Copies of his book will be available and he may even sign a few! If you have any questions please feel free to email or phone Brian Birlison.

Aston Down on the TV

Aston Down was used to record part of Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature shown recently. You can watch it here:
It's the bit near the beginning with E-Type Jag and the geese.

Chris Power in the K8 with blue sky!


A compilation from Alex Mazzoleni of his gliding in 2012. Most recorded at Aston Down.

First solo

Max Lazenby has flown solo on his 16th birthday. The cake was excellent.

Goodbye to the old bus

The old bus has been taken away by the Cardiff Transport Preservation Group. If you really miss it you can go and see it at their depot. Apparently it was the last one of its type used in Cardiff.

Group Flying and Trial Lessons

As part of the clubs strategy this year to boost income, we are looking to sell more Group Flying sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Please can you help us with this? Attached is a one page Group Gliding ‘flyer’ that can be posted up in places of work or given to anyone who you may feel is interested in bringing a group of people to Aston Down for some flying.

Evenings begin in April, Gill can help arrange a date.

One note, BBQ’s will only be done for groups of 20 or more.

I have also attached a flyer for trial lessons again for any interested parties. We are looking to book more of these during weekdays, evening and around our peak launching times to minimise impact at weekends. Again they are a good source of revenue for the club and we would greatly appreciate your assistance in positioning these to any interested parties.

One again, thanks for your help

Flights in the ASH25

Ken Lloyd is once again offering cross country experience flights for pre-silver pilots. Sign up on the list at the top of the stairs in the tower.

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