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News From Portmoak

So far we have had 4 flyable days and today Friday is looking good ( ridge and thermal ), so far no classic wave but Tuesday produced some but with rapidly closing gaps it was only for the fool hardy. Sunday and Tuesday enabled Daren Edge and Jonathan Apleby to get site and ridge checks completed, Congratulations to Jonathan for completing his five hours yesterday.
Frank Birlison in his shiny refinished glider along with the rest of us have been making good use of the conditions to practice our thermaling in the narrow Scottish thermals

Course - end of week

Went to AD this afternoon and was informed there had been two first solos this week - that's great ! Congratulations to them both.
Nick Cave, our new winch driver, was also airborne with Mike Randle to see the winch operation from the other end of the cable. He thoroughly enjoyed it, and also is enjoying winching.
Next week no course members, but two visitors from Dartmoor Club with us next Thursday-Friday and the following weekend, so Don Puttock is not there Monday-Wednesday - he is course instructor on a flexible basis.
Red team operation this coming weekend is thin on personnel so some additional help would be welcome. I am winching Sunday (if not wet)!

Welcome to the new team for courses

Monday this week saw the arrival of a new team - Don Puttock as the course instructor and Nick Cave as winch driver. Please give them a warm welcome.They will be on site Mondays to Fridays, so launching is available for everyone (but course members and gliders used on the course take preference). Nick, from Stroud, is completely new to gliding and winching but from all accounts has taken to it like the proverbial duck to water, under the watchful training eyes of a couple of experienced club members / winch instructors - many thanks to them for their help over the first two days. All we need now is for the proper Spring weather to arrive.
DGR / chairman

First Day of Summertime!

A useful circuiting Sunday with a bit of soaring but very poorly attended - perhaps some were still on GMT so didn't get up in time.
I was privileged to do the Chairman's Winter Refresher - naturally he passed. He was impressed the PW6 which he flew for the first time.

Non flying but productive day

Saturday 29th - sunny, E wind c 25 kts, E-W runway not useable thanks (!) to Leda Properties not completing the reparation to the trench across R/W 27 towards the west end. Anyway, a useful start was made to various site tidying jobs by several members - thanks. The skip(s) by the Butts will be moving, including one with scrap metal, and a larger one hopefully will replace it later this week for general rubbish. Club fleet is almost all fully serviceable with new ARCs. So bring on the good weather ! But before it does arrive, there are loads of jobs to be done - see lists inside the clubhouse next to the briefing room.
DGR/ chairman

First solo

Claude Hoarau, the UWEGC president, went solo today.

Aston Down 1918 and 2006

Here's a picture from 1918 taken by the Australian Flying Corps and the same area from Google satellite view. The 1918 picture is from the Australian War Memorial website.
Aston Down 1918

New Self Launching Members

Four New members showing off at A.D.

Bonfire Party 2013

Well over 80 people attended the Bonfire & Fireworks party on Saturday evening. All enjoyed a stunning display and some great bonfire food.
A special thanks to Jaqui,Pat & Helen (The Kitchen Crew). Matt & Sam (The Bar Crew) Also thanks to Paul Glassett & Darren Edge (The pyromaniacs) and to Mike Weston for helping me with the fireworks. R.K.

UWE Freshers' Fair

Here are a couple of pictures from the UWE freshers fair. Matt Page, Max Lazenby, Darren Edge and Jonathan Apperley took along a PW6 which proved a popular attraction.

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